Before you get there

How do I find a therapist? (NHS/other)

I found my current therapist through a work counselling scheme

I was referred to a Community Mental Health service

If you have decided you would like to talk to a therapist, you have a few options. To see a therapist within the NHS, you will usually need to go and see your GP (General Practitioner) and talk to them about your difficulties and why you would like to be referred to a therapist. Once you have discussed this with your GP and they have agreed to refer you, your GP will arrange for the local NHS psychological services to contact you. 

If you do not want to talk to your GP about your difficulties, or if you don’t have a mental health problem, there is the option of seeing a therapist privately. This means that you would contact a therapist directly and would pay for your therapy sessions. You may know of a therapist from a recommendation, or through a local advert, or you may not know of any therapists at all. In all cases, it is always recommended that you check the qualifications and registrations of any therapist you are planning to visit. You can do this by checking the following organisations: