During therapy

I am feeling worse

It made me feel worse instead of better

Therapy doesn’t work for everyone, and it’s worth acknowledging that this can happen despite significant investments of effort, time and money. This can, naturally, be a source of frustration and disappointment. 

There may also be some times when the problems you entered therapy for become worse or more intense, which may be part of the process of working through them. However, therapy isn’t supposed to make you feel worse overall and is certainly not meant to leave you with additional problems. If you notice a prolonged worsening of your emotions or problems, or new emotions and problems arising from your involvement in therapy, or your therapist’s behaviour, you should raise this with your therapist. This is because it may be linked to the therapy process. Whatever the origin of the difficulties, measures can be taken to address them. If it is clear to you that this is an unintended and unhelpful consequence of therapy, or you aren’t able to discuss this with your therapist then please consider the following: 

  • What am I feeling?
  • Worse symptoms or problems I was coming out of therapy with no skills to deal with the emotions that it brought out
  • Anger, frustration or other intense negative emotions
  • Other areas of my life, such as relationships with others, have got worse
  • Self-blame for things going wrong in therapy I was starting to feel like I was at fault for not making this work.
  • Guilt and shame
  • Increased worry or fears
  • Like it’s all been a waste of time, effort and money It cost so much money and I didn’t notice any difference in how I felt.

These possible effects are explored in more detail in Signs of harm – when to say you’re feeling worse

Once you have considered these questions and read the suggested documents, if you still have significant concerns about your therapy please see ‘Who can help me if I have concerns?for some specific advice on what you can do next. It may also be useful to have a look a ‘Can I choose another therapist?