Next Steps

Your onward journey

After counselling, I had group therapy for 2 years and it went well. I can’t envisage needing to have therapy again for those issues and have been able to move forward in my life.

As your therapy progresses and you and your therapist begin to plan when you are ending therapy, you might wonder what lies ahead of you. It is important to remember that therapy has an ultimate focus of teaching you the techniques and tools you might need in order to leave therapy and manage your emotions and feelings on a day to day basis. For more detailed information about endings in therapy please see ‘Endings’.

Maintaining progress – Maintaining the progress you have made in therapy is an active, ongoing process, and you will need to be committed and determined. The hard work you have done in therapy needs to continue after you have left. This might be continuing to do the exercises or ‘homework’ you have been doing with your therapist, rehearsing positive messages each day, continuing to get out of the house and make contact with people, or to assess how you feel each day and act on how you feel. The knowledge you have learnt in therapy is to be used daily to help you cope and feel in control of your life.